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About Barney


Barney was born and raised in North West Georgia, but started coming to Florida to visit his grandparents when he was a wee lad.  His great grandparents moved to Lake Weir in Central Florida  in 1915.


Not long after he started visiting his grandparents, Barney picked up a golf club and hasn’t been able to stay away from the game since.  From the time he was 10 Barney and his father have been golf nuts.  Soon after visiting Florida, Barney began playing with the local golf professional . Barney and his dad were quite a pairing.   All they did was talk, practice and play golf!   … even to the point of building a driving range behind their house in the hills of North Georgia, buying a greens mower and building two golf greens!


Marriage and 4 children slowed Barney’s passion for a few years. After living in Northern Ireland for many years Barney returned to the United States and a new career.  Initially settling back in Northwest Georgia and taking up his hand at printing, he just didn’t feel that he had found his true calling.  Then life gave him the opportunity to do what he had wanted to do since a child…give his full time to teaching and playing golf.


Barney moved back to central Florida and received his certification through USGTF as a level 4 master.  He was ready to drive back to golf.  ( putt intentional). He is up on hole number 9.


 Barney now teaches full time and is writing a series of books and producing videos to help his students.  Barney accepts both new golfers just getting their toes grassy and the more experienced golfers looking to improve their game.  His goal is to help you learn that , YES You can play better golf.  Barney adds fun back into your game from the 1st  to the 19th hole to help you along the way.

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