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Barney is passionate about golf and teaching golf since he first picked up a club in 1964. He believes that whether you are a beginner who has yet to be on a golf course or a seasoned veteran,  you can play better golf.  Barney's video product are  a way to improve your game when you are not on a course or taking a lesson from him.

Video 1- Barney Beard's Guide To Golf Volume One


This is a great video for beginners and those who have only played a year or two. How you hold the club is the key to sucessful  golf ball striking and the first fundemental of golf! In this video you will learn about golf etiquiette, rules,equipment, posture, stance, grip,  and striking the golf ball.


Video 2 - The Fundamentals-Part One


Has both classroom instruction and subsequent live application with real students on the practice range. It is unique and helpful. Barney demonstrates how to hold a golf club--the first fundamental, posture, spine angle, head position, and stance. Barney emphasizes the golfer must have a good grip and a 'stable table' for consistent ball striking! You can do this!



Video 3 - The Fundamentals-Part Two


Again Barney takes you to the classroom and out to the range to teach an actual student in this DVD. Positioning of the arms are critical.  Ball position is also critical.  He demonstrates for short, medium, and long shafted clubs. Barney explains the concept of swing DOWN at the golf ball lying on the ground and shows clearly the necessary position of the body for the moment of impact.  You can do this!



Order Videos by email:

 Order One Video-$35.00
 Order Two Videos- the second Video is $30.00
 Order All three videos and the third video is $25.00
... for a total of $90.00 for all three.

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