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Etiquette on the golf course is important.


Learn the basic rules of golf even if you are a beginner. As your skills develop your ability to play by the rules and exhibit good etiquette will also grow. In golf you are your own umpire. Unlike other American sports each golfer is expected to play by the rules with integrity. That means being honest and telling the truth! You will discover if you learn basic etiquette, basic rules and maintain pace of play the more experienced golfers will enjoy playing with you! Even beginning golfers who don't keep score must know some rules of golf for the sake of the group they play with. If you behave unpredictably on the golf course no one will want to play with you.


There are only 34 rules in golf. Beginners don't need them all but you do need rules. Golf is more fun and you'll know your true score if you play by the rules. Experienced players will find you a chore if you ignore the rules. Don't be afraid to ask your fellow players what the rule is when you have a question. As you learn little by little you will find the infinite variety of the game of golf increasingly interesting and challenging. Use this link so you can see how 'simple' the rules are.   


Have Fun, Play Often, Respect The Game!


Barney Beard

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