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Barney. I want to thank you for the tip to compensate for the looseness of my grip because of my arthritis. Your suggestion of wearing two gloves to give me more gripping power during my swing has worked wonderfully! Many Thanks!!



Barney I have forwarded your name to be nominated for sainthood ! This 34 hcp student shot a GROSS 93 on thursday ! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Regards, ED


Barney, I kept giving YOU thumbs-up this afternoon. I hit on the green 6 out of 9 times this afternoon. One in the sand and the other two almost on the green. Putting could have been better but I scored the best out of our foursome (including Doug) - 37 on 9 hole par 3. My friend asked me who is "Barney" - when I kept saying "Thank you Barney". Maybe I have another student for you.


I have been playing better and hitting longer. Today I hit my first 150 yard drive. What a shock! This week I played with 2 men I never met before, and one said "You must have taken lessons. You don't hit like a girl". Compliment???


Dear Coach:


My 26 year old long hitting son was here in the Villages yesterday. He has repeatedly told everyone in our family there is no way I would ever beat him in golf again. I finished bogey, double bogey for a 40-41=81 at Glenview. He shot 46-42=88.You cannot imagine how happy I am. Thanks!!!!



I was in a sand trap yesterday right under a huge lip. I hit under the ball as you demonstrated in a sand clinic and my ball popped out onto the green on the first attempt. I think I got a bogey on the hole but I could have cared less about my score at that point. I was so excited that I knew what to do and was actually able to apply it. My game was a double bogey score overall with a few good drives and putts. It feels so good when I can apply what I'm learning.Thanks again.



Barney, this is why I think you're a great instructor. You pay attention to the place from which your student is starting and you work within the student's ability with praise and gentle "pushes." You give verbal feed back and written notes and you offer a free lesson. My free lesson with you sold me on signing up for ten. I hope you enjoy lots of clients. It's a pleasure to know, watch, and learn from a teacher who enjoys teaching. Isn't the best job the one we enjoy!You put yourself into your teaching and you do the same in your writing. Much success. You deserve it

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